Poila Boishakh, the first day of Bangla calendar, brings merriment and peace in the lives of Bengalis, who irrespective of religion and geographical boundaries, come together with a view to welcoming the Bengali New Year. This is the prime occasion that welds Bengalis all over the world together and acquaint them to their roots thus reconnecting with thoughts and memories from their childhood days.

The celebrations of Nobo Borsho at home and abroad commences at dawn with worshipping at a religious place. Wearing new outfits, exchanging sweets and pleasantries among friends and acquaintances through the lovely family get togethers filled with adda, fun and frolic are compulsory traditions to celebrate this auspicious day.

Bengalis in India as well as abroad ushers in the Nobo Borsho with cultural events too. Bengali plays, well choreographed dance programs along with a rendition of Tagore's "Esho Hey Boishakh" reaffirm Bengali cultural importance and teach younger generation to carry the legacy of our Bengal heritage.

It is a perfect time to get indulged in rich and sweet savoury, authentic Bengali gourmet delicacies. Banglabiponi wishes to celebrate the advent of Poila Boishakh through the essence of lavish spread of  menus of traditional Bengali cuisine and quality sweets from renowned outlets.